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LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT A TO C                     intensive (4 - 6 YEAR OLDS)

Our intensive language programmes place a significant emphasis on the development of early reading and writing skills. Children are encouraged to express themselves and develop their natural creative flair through art and craft activities, music and drama.


In our intensive language programmes, children receive a carefully balanced programme which covers the following skill areas:


  • Oral language and communication
  • Reading and literacy
  • Written language arts
  • Phonics and spelling
  • Mathematics and numeracy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Creative expression
  • Gross and fine motor skills development
  • Music and movement
  • Personal and social development
language development a to c                     weekly (4 - 6 year olds)

Our pre-school children enjoy an integrated and experiential approach to learning in a friendly and stimulating learning environment. Four to six year olds love coming to class where, through hands-on learning experiences, they are immersed in a language-rich environment.


Throughout our Language Development Programmes, your child will:


  • Approach language and literacy skills through thematic, integrated learning activities which will give him/her a firm foundation in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Follow a comprehensive phonics programme
  • Develop essential reading skills with a focus on fluency, accuracy and reading comprehension
  • Learn songs and rhymes to develop good pronunciation, intonation and expression 
  • Practise correct letter formation and develop fine motor control
  • Pick up the essentials of simple story writing
  • Have opportunities for the creative exploration of concepts and themes
  • Acquire a rich and expressive vocabulary
  • Be introduced to simple grammar
  • Improve personal and social development skills
  • 2 decades of transforming lives.
  • Maximum 12 students per class.
  • Well-qualified native English speaking teachers.
  • Build confidence and develop language skills.
  • Engaging, well-rounded programmes and curriculum.
  • Our programmes are approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.
Why Choose Lorna Whiston?

Established in 1980 Lorna Whiston has, over the past 37 years, built a reputation for high quality education and

teaching excellence across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with our signature programmes; English Language,

Speech & Drama and Public Speaking.


Lorna Whiston opened in Malaysia in 1998 and has helped Malaysian students discover their voice and confidence in the

English language. Our programmes are approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and we continually revise and

update our syllabus to ensure our programmes are fresh and exciting.